iPad Finger Paintings

Trying out new technologies

I am now working on my final MA unit and have returned to the subject of the village where I live. My first unit involved anthropomorphising the inhabitants of the village and creating slightly sinister images from an ‘outsiders’ point of view. As I am no longer an outsider but very much a part of the community I have decided to create portraits of the people in the village who have been of the greatest influence to me and helped to form my relationship with rural life. Having decided to give relief print a break I was interested in finding an effective media in which to create my portraits. I have, so far, created 3 portraits using the ‘Brushes’ app on my iPad- alas David Hockney! This is a great app- very intuitive and immediate- these are purely finger paintings! I am hoping to create at least another 7 or 8 portraits in this style.